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My diamond by GrayWolfShadow
My diamond
Not sure what is going on with the orbiting planets but giraffe mom needed some fanart, tho really yellow Pearl is my favorite!
Lilstans by GrayWolfShadow
Sketches of the little Stan twins from gravity falls. I'm doing a thing,
Do You Wanna Build A Sailboat? by GrayWolfShadow
Do You Wanna Build A Sailboat?
Did the internet need a comic with a Gravity Falls version of a Frozen song? Yes, it did. And I apparently wasn't the only person to see this connection because i've seen 2 different ones with Stan singing Let it go xD Seriously tho, was just something really fun to draw, i know it probably would have been closer to the original song if the whole thing had them separated but I wanted to draw my adorable cinnamon buns happy.... and sunburnt!
Welcome to the Mystery Shack by GrayWolfShadow
Welcome to the Mystery Shack
Since J.K. Simmons is confirmed to be voicing the author i feel a deep need for portal crossover art xD Cave Johnson as the author is just magical! I actually took the gravity falls version of cave's speech with minor edits from reddit user The_Panda_Of_Mexico but thought it needed visuals. And yeah the alien may be familiar too ;)


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
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I'm GaryWolfShadow, you can call me Wolfy or Celeste (my real name) or whatever. I like comics, digital art, traditional and especially animation. I'm going to school for animation (so nice to finally be able to say that) and I sell sometimes at anime conventions, i'll post which ones when i am.

I would love to do commissions if anybody would be interested, or art trades, or even requests if i like what your asking for xD

Comics and Contests

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 23, 2012, 7:57 PM

So I've made it to round 5 of :iconend-run--pokemon-oct: surprisingly enough! I've made some good friends, somehow gotten further then some truly amazing artists and am gonna do my best going forward. At this point I realize the fact that I don't have an individual central plot might hurt me... The last few OCTs i entered i was done in the first round so I figured this time i wouldn't do to much planning, just go with the flow... ironic right? So imma need to think hard about this round. Now I don't know exactly what the group has in mind for our character's promotions and trying to look up information about navy ranks has caused me endless confusion (there's no sergeants, or maybe there is, is commander to high a rank for Ruth, is lieutenant to low) so im thinking she's in charge of a few boats each with small teams, the one on her boat being her main team (on which im having twin new recruits because i though up their characters and they entertain me) that she's going to interact with most during the battle.

Aside from End Run I'm going to be doing this comic series with my cousin :iconvalalight: where i do the arts and she does the writing, so that should be a ton of fun. And since I'm learning how to make a website in one of my classes I might even make it's own website if people like it enough! I was also hoping to make a fan comic with my friend :iconemoisthenewhappy: where I write and she does the art but we'll have to see if that actually gets started. I warn you, it would probably be DBZ, because I'm in a serious DBZ kick right now.

I think that's all the updates I have to give. My personal life is boring except when revolving around my art so there's nothing much to tell there. No anime conventions in the near future unfortunately.

My to do list:
     ---Art for :iconimabeaver:
sketched and color started
     ---Art for :iconfailureson:
sketched and color started
     ---Art for :iconemoisthenewhappy:
     ---VC3 project art (Make your own adventure comic thing)
1/5 sketches started
     ---End run round 5 entry
song for intro chosen, specific events to be being written and sktched
     ---Dupont Cobbler comic
ongoing (due mondays)
so i have adventure time, gravity falls, DBZ, and more in sketches right now, i love doing fanart and want to do more
     ---short animation
written out


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  • Watching: Cartoons!
  • Playing: pokemon
  • Eating: Icecream
  • Drinking: mr.pib

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